"Glee" by Pablo Picasso

Perhaps one of his most obscure and rare pieces, “Glee” remains one of the most sought after paintings in the world. It is one of, if not the final painting made by Pablo Piccaso. Very few people have seen this art piece in person due to it’s rarity and priceless nature. Only now we are revealing a copy of this beautiful painting in our museum.

Only one interview existed about this painting, dating back to April 7th, 1973, a day before he died in Mougins, France. When he was asked about this painting he appeared uncomfortable elaborating with his peers. Only one question was asked, and one answer given. “Who is the woman-” Pablo gave a grimaced expression, cutting the interviewer off and replying with only the single sentence: “They will know, okay”. The harsh reaction to the word “woman” may imply that the painting isn’t of a woman after all. We can only speculate on this strange final painting. It is truly a wonder of the world and we are so happy to have this piece in our museum.

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